Street Ads

Street Ads

Aug 27

Street Ads
Street ads have the ability to grab and hold the attention of a highly defined, captive audience. The members of this audience could be commuters or pedestrians. While your message is delivered to your target audience you can expect other potential clients to see the advertising and maybe even pass on the information to members of your target audience.

Street ads are all about repetitive advertising. If you repeat your message to a captive audience you are bound to get results. Usually 3 5 sequential messages are displayed at a time which ensures the details are noted and remembered for recall at a later date… or even for immediate response. This type of advertising usually provides the consumer with a thought provoking message something that can easily be remembered. Shock and humour are popular methods to instil an advertising message. When looking into having these adverts arranged for your business, it is important to take into account the area you wish to target and whether you would prefer shopping centre entrances, busy roads or intersections to be your focus points. Capture your target audiences attention with a street ad campaign that will not be forgotten.

Street ads are not expensive to make which allows for cost effective advertising costs and also reasonable rates if you feel the need to change your advert during the campaign period. The signs are easily installed and turnaround time on artwork absolutely phenomenal. Planning your campaign is something that you need to do before you make any decisions regarding the number of signs you want to use and where they will be placed.

Now is the time to take advantage of street ads. With our roads becoming busier, and with the festive season approaching now is the time to get your companys name out there. Take the time to visit for more information and advice today.

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