Friendly Grounds Uses Gooseneck light Fixture for More Exposure

Friendly Grounds Uses Gooseneck light Fixture for More Exposure

Aug 26

Friendly Grounds Uses Gooseneck light Fixture for More Exposure

Friendly Grounds, a fine coffee shop at 3619 California Ave. in Pittsburgh PA still offers one of a kind coffee. Over a year, Friendly grounds remain committed to providing the finest quality locally roasted coffees and ingredients. Aside from $ 6 per item price cap, which is very affordable, this fine coffee shop offers something else most traditional coffee houses don’t – a kid’s menu with peanut butter and jelly and many more. Many kids will stop by after their school at Morrow Elementary around the corner or adults will bring them in.

They continue to strive to preserve the legacy of the coffee house in the community – a place to meet friends, hang out and relax while enjoying the local flavor and have some great coffee and eats. The space itself is cozy and conducive to friendly conversation and gathering. There are three small rooms, one in the front of the bar that looks at California Avenue and two behind the bar, one of which has a giant – wide television.

Aside from the smile it brings to the community, this coffee shop has a good appeal to its surrounding. You would definitely amazed how they gorgeously accentuate the signage with the unique gooseneck light – a powerful fixture to light a sign and create a distinctive image to its community.

Goosenecks are one of the more overlooked sign considerations for many stores because they often mistakenly believe that gooseneck light fixture is not necessary because the business is not open in the evening. But this actually brings vast exposure oversight, while many people walk and drive by the shop 24 hours a day. Gooseneck light can really improve the store exposure, chance to be noticed all day and night.

A well lit store with your goosenecks will welcome people to the business whether it is open or not. Gooseneck arms are available at 7″ to 112″ and these varies depending on the usage. Most of these goosenecks are made of corrosion resistant aluminum that is powder coated for extra protection.

Each of these gooseneck light fixture comes with a round aluminum wall mount black plates with a mounting hole of 3 1/2″ on the center to allow installation to any weatherproof box. There are more than 16 finish options you can choose from to match the color and theme of your store. Metal Halide goosenecks are the common bulb options that are used in taverns and coffee shop like in Friendly Grounds. Indeed they offer something special to their customers – beauty and extraordinary coffee and goodies.

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