Shamrock Signs is one of Western Pennsylvania’s top sign companies

Shamrock Signs is one of Western Pennsylvania’s top sign companies

Aug 25

Shamrock Signs is one of Western Pennsylvania’s top sign companies

Shamrock Signs is one of Western Pennsylvania’s top sign companies. This sign company offers design, installation, fabrication, maintenance and installation. As one of Pittsburgh’s top providers, Shamrock Signs has partnerships with leaders in finance, retail, business services and health care. Whenever you watch a Steelers game, you see the work that this experienced company has carried out.

With over 150 years of experience, the sign company has developed a team or professionals who ensure that each customer has their needs met. The Design professionals are dedicated to meeting the specifications each client desires. Artwork, color, marketing and branding are all a part of the Design teams expertise. As the design of the product is complete, it moves on to Fabrication and Installation.

The fabrication team at Shamrock Signs is trained in welding, neon and LED assembly and professional sports score boards.

They have worked with a range of high profile customers including: American Eagle Outfitters, EQT and Citizens Bank. As a UL Certified Sign Fabricator, Shamrock Signs take the fabrication process to the next level. They are prepared to install any sign, anywhere. Shamrock Signs provides sign rebranding services for retail, financial, health care and sports industries. In the past, technicians at Shamrock Signs have removed Video Score Boards for the NFL and MLB as well as installing a replacement. Capable of changing over wall mounted and pylon signs, they are trained to install the structural steel framework needed to support larger signs.

After the sign has been installed, regular maintenance needs to be done to make sure it stays in line with Shamrock Signs quality standards.

The trained employees at the sign company can create the swing stages and counter weight systems to match any project’s need. For projects that require a little more effort, the sign company has 14 sign service and crane trucks that can be used to maintain signs that are a little tougher to reach.

For a bit of extra sparkle, try having a neon or custom-lit sign. These signs attract extra attention to your business and can help to bring in added foot traffic. Shamrock Signs manufactures the neon units within their ship according to manufactory standards. After it has been created, the unit is taken on a “road test” and is left on for eight hours before it is given the green light for future installation.

With numerous years of experience, Shamrock Signs is a full-service sign company. Whether you want installation, maintenance, design or fabrication, Shamrock Signs is able to fulfill every companies specification. As Western Pennsylvania’s leading Sign Company, Shamrock Signs is the place to go to for all of your signage needs. From the NFL to Citizen’s Bank, Pittsburgh’s top companies have learned that Shamrock Signs is the company with the most experience and bets customer service.

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